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Tewksbury Police Ask For Search Warrant For Bowel Movements Of Suspect

Aug 07, 2018 11:41AM ● By Bill Gilman

Raul Sanchez-Gomez

Atty. Paul King

 As with most criminal investigations, the truth will come out in the end.
Tewksbury Police have sought a rather unusual search warrant in their pursuit of evidence. According to a report, police have requested a search warrant for the bowel movements of Raul Sanchez-Gomez, who allegedly swallowed bags of heroin just prior to being arrested.
According to an article published by the Boston Herald, Tewksbury undercover officers pulled over a vehicle with Sanchez-Gomez and Hector Guerrero inside. The officers believed the men were planning to sell 20 grams of heroin in Lawrence.

A Police K-9 was unable to locate the drugs in the vehicle. However, an officer noticed Sanchez-Gomez appeared to be choking on something and forcibly removed him from the vehicle and had planned to apply the Heimlich maneuver, before it was apparent Sanchez-Gomez had successfully swallowed whatever he had ingested.
Further investigation and a check of the fingerprints of both men indicated each had outstanding warrants on them and that each was in the country illegally. According to the Herald report, deportation proceedings were already underway against Guerrero. Records indicate Sanchez-Gomez was denied a visa in 2015.

The Herald report indicates Federal immigration officials will be sending a detainer for both suspects.

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