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Tewksbury Lions, Visual Aids Foundation Help Young Man Explore His Vision

Aug 29, 2018 05:49AM ● By Ashley Turner

Brian McCauley, of Tewksbury, is presented with a Braille "Polaris" by the Tewksbury Lions Club and the Visual Aids Foundation. (Ashley Turner photo)

 In many ways, Brian McCauley, of Tewksbury, is your typical 23-year-old. But when you look beneath the surface, you find that he is very special, indeed.
Brian was born without the ability to see. But anyone who has met or spoken with him knows he is not without vision.
Being blind since birth would seem, to many people, a dark and dreary existence. Not Brian.
Despite being totally visually impaired, his outlook on life and his attitude for living each day to the fullest could inspire even the most shattered spirits.
Without sight, he does face obstacles. Those obstacles have made Brian into a real-life super hero and a visionary. He sees life as great adventure and keeps on his path to further his success and growth.
Earlier this month, at the Tewksbury Country Club, many got to see and hear a little bit of Brian’s story and meet with him and his wonderful parents Pat and Nancy McCauley. The occasion was the Tewksbury Lions Club Annual Golf Tournament. In addition to food, fundraising, laughter and love, there was a special presentation.
Tewksbury Lions Club Charities along with the Visual Aids Foundation, presented Brian with a cutting edge BrailleSense Polaris. This is a technology that’s cutting edge. This piece of equipment will allow Brian to not only communicate more easily and be an active member of the online community through social media. It will also help him with email, exploring software and possible even playing a game or two. He can focus on his studies and continue to pursue his passion for music. 
Braille has been around since 1824 and has come a long way from embossed paper. 
This Braille computer is an update from an older model that Brian had been using and will allow Brian to navigate tasks much more effortlessly in his daily routine. He can experience and communicate all the love and support with friends; family and community that want to show him a part of their lives also. 
Jerry Selissen President of the Lion Club and Joan Parcewski from the Visual Aids Foundation, along with many patrons and donors, were ecstatic to have this project come to fruition.
“I’m just so happy it’s finally happening.” said Parcewski.
Only words of love and support and passion this cause. Not only for Brian and his family but for the Visual Aids Foundation and The Visually Impaired community. 
Brian beamed upon receipt of such a life changing device. He explained how it would help him in so many ways; he even went into tech specifics.
At the end of Brian’s acceptance and thank you speech. He had a message (and a loud one) for the Visually Impaired community. He asked all the patrons to clap along with him and sang out a pretty impressive rendition of Twisted Sister’s "We’re not gunna take it.” Of course he nailed it in F- sharp. Dee Snider would be proud.
The room erupted with howls of joy and applause for this young man that has such an wise old soul that can indeed work a crowd.He may not have been able to see the love of the room but he definitely felt it, as did everyone in attendance.
Brian McCauley has been blind since the day he was born. That didn’t Stop him from Signing on stage with Gene Simmons from KISS this past February in Lynn. Brian is living, breathing proof that we are not our obstacles. That we can rise above almost any situation in which debilitates us.
In a way this is his super power - to inspire and create and be the best version of himself.
 Brian is unwavering in his passion. He has a magic in him that everyone needs to experience. You may be able to take away a man’s sight but; you can never take away his vision.
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