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Tewksbury Families Head Back to (Sunday) School

Sep 20, 2018 05:22AM ● By Marlene G-C

Tewksbury Congregational Church

By Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane

With schools back in session, many families are "shopping" for churches that have programs that fit their beliefs and lifestyles and will nurture their children's spiritual lives. We have spotlighted various Tewksbury churches over the past year.  Here are their profiles, along with names of other churches in Tewksbury who did not respond to requests for information, but website data was available. Please check with individual churches for the latest information.


First Baptist Church of Tewksbury:  First Baptist is a church that is grounded in Bible scripture-based teachings and Christian fellowship.  First Baptist believes that children are the future and the present. As a church community, they recognize the importance of the emotional, moral and physical well being of young people. They teach and encourage Christian values that they hope will last a lifetime, including love, forgiveness, fellowship, community and using these values to build a good foundation in Christ. Children are dismissed during the service to attend their own activity time. Both youth and adult Sunday School are offered before the worship service.  More info:  or

Lowell Assembly of God: This church believe in seven core values, all based upon ‘Love Jesus.  Love People’:  Grace, Prayer, People, Community, being Biblical, Missional, and Spirit-Empowered.  Sunday School for the children is held every Sunday at 10:00am-10:30am. During this time, a teacher walks through different books of the Bible or through various topics and holds a question and answer period. It is a more intimate setting than classroom study.  The youth meet on Wednesday nights in a similar setting, but of course the various topics chosen are more relatable to their lives. They are free to ask questions during this time to better understand certain topics or help increase their Bible knowledge. More info: and Facebook:

Tewksbury United Methodist Church (TUMC): TUMC believes that they can experience encounters with Christ in their everyday lives, while learning about God’s love and grace through Scripture, living out the lessons from the past traditions, and reasoning by illuminating the Holy Spirit in today’s world. Sunday school for the children runs concurrent with the worship service.  Children are present in worship for part of the service and then dismissed for Sunday School.  More info: and Facebook:

Tewksbury Congregational Church, affiliated with the United Church of Christ, believes that no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome there. For the Tewksbury Congregational Church, the theme for the youth programs center around “new” this school year.  Sunday morning youth programming utilize an updated, energized program featuring large group videos and learning situations that are reinforced in grade specific smaller break-out sessions.  This learning is located in the educational wing where newly painted walls, furniture, rugs, and layout, as well as where a new theater room and hangout space will greet youth.  Morning programming continues to be offered tuition free and all are welcome to participate.   Children in grade six and under attend the beginning of service with their parents, while junior high and above meet in the tower of the church.  The church is involved in many community outreach projects, and children – along with their families -- are encouraged to be involved. More info: orFacebook: 

International Restoration Reformed Church  (IRRC): This small church, founded by a Kenyan woman, is a faith-based church and their fundamental belief is that Jesus Christ died for people’s sins. They believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and in the Resurrection power.  The founder’s husband and co-pastor focuses his church efforts on the children, including his autistic son.  Sunday School and youth education are offered. The couple’s seventeen-year old daughter is a youth pastor and helps with Sunday School planning and gives guidance to peers.  More info: Facebook:


St. William of York:  This Catholic Church has a vision of to be a truly evangelizing parish, one in which all parishioners enter into a closer relationship with Christ, that they share the Good News of His kingdom with others, that they participate actively as members of the parish family, and that they reach out to those in need. More info:

Royal House Chapel: Royalhouse Chapel, one of many branches of Royalhouse Chapel International, is a praying church. They have programs and activities to give members opportunities to pray and to seek the face of God. More info: 

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