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LETTER: Tewksbury Selectman Backs Duff For Re-Election


To the Editor:

In re-electing Eileen Duff, residents from the Massachusetts Fifth Governor’s Council district have the opportunity to return one of the most diligent and effective officeholders in the entire Commonwealth. During her time on the Governor’s Council, Eileen has made it her mission to bring civility and transparency to the Council and to the judicial process. 

Eileen has worked alongside two Governor’s, Democrat Deval Patrick and Republican Charlie Baker, and for neither has she been a rubber stamp or a politically-motivated obstructionist. Eileen has always afforded judicial nominees the respect and courtesy they are owed, while simultaneously ensuring that every man and woman that would be elevated to the bench have the temperament and integrity required to do the job. Eileen knows that for the vast majority of us, there will come a day where our friends or family interact with the judicial system of the Commonwealth – with Eileen serving us on the Council, we can rest assured that every citizen that ever appears before a judge will be treated fairly and empathetically.

The Governor’s Council may not generate the coverage of a gubernatorial or congressional campaign, but as Eileen has been known to say, it is the most important office you have never heard of. At a time when we seem devoid of competent and compassionate leadership in government, and at a time when we need a reliable elected official in our corner, Eileen represents the best in public service. I strongly encourage my neighbors to get to the polls on November 6th and re-elect Eileen Duff to the Governor’s Council.
Mark Kratman
Tewksbury Selectman
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