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What's In A Name? As 'Fully Promoted' Opens For Business, An Old Favorite Enters The 21st Century

Feb 07, 2019 12:50PM ● By Bill Gilman
Tewksbury's newest business, Fully Promoted, makes its official debut Thursday, Feb. 7, with a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at 5:30 p.m. at 1699 Shawsheen St., just a couple of doors down from Luna Rosa.
In fact, after the ceremony, the Wilmington-Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce will host a reception at Luna Rosa, welcoming Fully Promoted owner Dennis Rusch to the community.
Calling Fully Promoted a "new business" might be slightly misleading, as it is, more accurately, a new incarnation of Embroid Me, a popular store along Main Street for many years.
But Embroid Me's Route 38 storefront had been vacant for months, ever since owner Tim Miller decided to close his shop.
Enter Dennis Rusch, who purchased the local franchise from the national corporation in 2018. The timing of the investment coincided with Embroid Me going through a corporate evolution. Rather than just clothing and embroidery services, the company greatly expanded its footprint, adding a wide variety of promotional swag, equipment, services and branding tools.
And thus, Embroid Me had transformed into Fully Promoted.
"Embroid Me had bee around for 20-some years and most of the business was just that -- doing embroidery on all types of apparel," said Rusch. "But over the course time, that changed, because the market was changing and the (national) franchisor wanted to reach out to a bigger portion of that market by adding in the digital media and print products and promotional products."
When Rusch purchased the franchise rights, he also sought out a new location, better suited for the wide array of items and services Fully Promoted was offering. He found such a spot at 1699 Shawsheen St., in a space formerly occupied by Anton's Dry Cleaners.
One step inside the new store and you quickly realize this is not the Embroid Me store you remember. Customers have the chance to browse a mind-blowing variety of work gear and uniforms, casual apparel and promotional items. Some of the items are familiar -- pens, key fobs, bags, etc. But many of the items are ones you might use every day at your job but never thought of getting branded with your company name and logo. Items like thumb drives, journals, even rolls of tape. Items not in display can be found in the store's catalogs and easily ordered.
Add to that the ability to print promotional collateral, signs and banners, web design and, well, you started to get the idea why the company chose the name "Fully Promoted."
With a nod to tradition and the company history, the "Embroid Me" name has not disappeared completely. It is still the brand name used for the company's clothing line and embroidery services.
"On one side of the store you have Embroid Me and on the other side you see Promote Me, which is our line of all the promotional items and materials you see," said Rusch.
One of Rusch's top priorities in his first several weeks of business has been to reach out to the hundreds of clients, mostly companies in the Merrimack Valley, that had done business with Embroid Me in Tewksbury.
"What we're trying to do is re-introduce them to the Embroid Me brand but also to introduce them to everything Fully Promoted has to offer," he said.
While companies looking for promotional items and embroidered company clothing have many online options, Rusch said the Fully Promoted model offers that personal touch both before and after the sales that is missing from online marketing sites.
For example, the new store has a meeting room, where Rusch can sit down with a client and learn about their company, discuss their needs and go over options that fit their price range. There is even a flat screen TV on the wall for video presentations.
After the sale, when a delivery is made, Rusch feels that its important for a client to be able to call him or a member of his staff, personally, if there are any problems or concerns. Talking to the same person who sold you the product builds trust, confidence and a positive professional relationship, he said.
With the added products and services, the types of clients Rusch can serve has grown considerably. He can service the needs of the individual consumer and the smallest mom and pop business to the largest corporations.
"Non-profits are one of our vertical markets, he said. "Schools, non-profits, small local businesses. We want to be able to serve their needs, as well as those of a big company."
Rusch, originally from upstate New York, now lives in Wilmington. He has a background in printing and in sales and helping companies find the right products for their particular needs.
"That's what we're trying to do here," he said. "Instead of someone just sitting there wondering how to reach more people, we want to sit down with them, discuss their needs and then help them reach more people."
Fully Promoted is open: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is closed on Sunday.
For more information, call 978-455-2604 or click here to visit their web site and here to visit their Facebook page.

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