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The 411 on 978 Plumbing: Hard Work, Integrity Helps Cobuccio Build A Small Business From The Ground Up

Feb 08, 2019 12:00PM ● By Bill Gilman
 After more than 16 years in the plumbing and heating industry, Joe Cobuccio decided it was time to make a change.
Tired of working for other people, Cobuccio decided to take a risk and go into business for himself.
"I felt like I had something to offer," he said. "I wanted offer something for myself, something for the town I live in and see if I could brand something pretty good."
The gamble has paid off. A little over a year after "hanging out his shingle",  978 Plumbing is thriving and Cobuccio's reputation for quality work, business ethics and dependability is quickly growing.
In addition to plumbing work, Cobuccio also provides heating and gas service. One might expect that a small outfit like 978 Plumbing might be limited in terms of the hours of service and the geographic territory it could serve. But Cobuccio offers 24/7 emergency service and draws clients from as far away as 60 miles.
All of which keeps Cobuccio rather busy. But he wouldn't have it any other way.
"I'm a one-man operation, I do it all," he said with a chuckle. "I do the work, I do the advertising, the invoicing. It makes it easier but it can make it a little stressful, too."
Which isn't to say he wants to stay a one-man show. In fact, Cobuccio is hoping to expand within the next year.
"We're getting to that point now," he said. "definitely in the next six months. I mean, I could use two more people (right) now, one in the office and one out in the field. So, i think by mid-summer, we'll be looking to hire."
Cobuccio said he might also look to augment his staff through a co-op program with Shawsheen Tech.
Cobuccio's experience in the plumbing and heating industry allows him to offer a wide range of services. In addition to repairs of piping and hardware, he also handles remodeling/renovation work, installations, water heaters, forced hot water and steam boilers. He also repairs gas leaks and can do the work needed to transition to gas appliances.
The reviews of 978 Plumbing, found on a number of websites and social media pages, speak to the reputation Cobuccio has forged. Words such as "dependable," "honest," "trustworthy," are frequently used.
While building a small business from the ground up can be stressful and demand an abundance of time and energy, it has also provided Cobuccio with independence and flexibility. These are luxuries he values as a single dad. In fact, the only thing that gives him more joy than his work, is spending time with his daughter, Gianna.
Interestingly, Cobuccio didn't start out looking for a career in the plumbing and heating industry. His initial training was as a baker. But when that didn't pan out, he took a job with a HVAC contractor, This led to him to Shawsheen Tech, where he was trained in plumbing and heating through their continuing education program and the rest is history.
One of the most challenging parts of Cobuccio's job is his 24/7 emergency service. Not only can he get called out in the middle of the night, but he never really knows what he will be dealing with until he gets onto the scene.
Such was the case last year, when he was called to an MIT fraternity house in Brookline at 2 a.m.
"There was water going from the second floor all the way down into the basement," he said. "And the house shut-off valve wouldn't work, so we had to call the town to have them shut off the water at the street. And it's MIT, so there is computers and electronics everywhere. It turned out to be a sprinkler line. It's not plumbing per se, but we did the job. It was a challenge."
For more information on 978 Plumbing, you can check out their website at or their facebook page at


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