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Moulton: Every American Deserves To See The (Mueller) Report

Seth Moulton

(Editor's note: The following information was released by the office of Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA6)

Salem — Today, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to the United States Attorney General. Representative Seth Moulton (MA-06) made the following statement:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a moral leader who volunteered to serve his country in combat in Vietnam and in the administrations of both Republicans and Democrats in Washington. I trust what he lays out in the report he delivered today.

Every American deserves to see the full report, not the Executive Branch’s whitewashed version of it. Congress must make sure the public gets that chance. Separate from the report, Congress must also continue its independent investigations into the various, credible allegations against President Trump and his family and associates until the American public knows the whole truth. 

Since our country was founded, the Office of the President of the United States has stood for something greater than its occupant. President Franklin D. Roosevelt engraved the words of John Adams on the mantle of the White House in 1945: “May none but Honest and Wise men ever rule under This Roof.” The Constitutional duties of Congress and Robert Mueller strive to uphold that ideal.”


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