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Letter: Vote 'Yes' for the New Elementary School Project

Dear Tewksbury Residents,

I am writing this letter in support of the ballot question to fund the proposed new Elementary School Project. I have been residing in Tewksbury for over thirty years and have seen so many students rise to great places as a result of the education they have received by our teachers in Tewksbury.

We as parents, grandparents, seniors, friends and neighbors should rally around the new proposal and never look back at what we didn’t do maintaining the schools in the past. We need to look ahead to a new school and what it will provide for the students of Tewksbury.      In my opinion the project should be funded completely with the magnificent school campus proposal as designed. The committee should work with the abutting neighbors to rectify any issues and concerns and do it right. Never mind trying to “nickel and dime” the project but recognize that we as a Town have an opportunity to partner with the state and receive $ 32.7 million dollars towards a brand-new state of the art Elementary School for this already beautiful community.

A first-class education setting is the foundation to a learning environment and the development of the children of Tewksbury. They deserve the same opportunities to grow, strive, and succeed in life whatever the cost. A new school in conjunction with our great teachers and administrators will insure our kids have the tools to develop the skills to compete in the 21st century 

 Please let’s not let the great opportunity go by and support the new school we so desperately need for the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

        “Vote Yes for the New Elementary School Project”.


Vincent Fratalia 


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