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Tewksbury Stabbing Victim Facing Lengthy Recovery, Suspect Held Without Bail

Mar 30, 2019 02:26PM ● By Bill Gilman

Tewksbury Police Headquarters.

Law enforcement from multiple agencies and prosecutors from the Middlesex County District Attorn
Atty. Paul King

ey's office are working to learn the true identity of man accused in a vicious attack on a woman in downtown Tewksbury earlier this week.

According to police, the victim was stabbed and slashed a total 18 times with a broken beer bottle. She was treated at the scene and transported by ambulance to a Boston Hospital for treatment of her injuries. The wounds are not considered to be life-threatening but, according to court records, some of the injuries could be permanently disfiguring.

The attack took place on the porch of the Tewksbury Funeral Home, the morning of March 25. According to police, the victim lives in an apartment above the business but has no other connection to the funeral home. She was assaulted, initially, in the apartment during a domestic dispute with the suspect and held against her will for several hours.

According to court documents, the victim told investigators the suspect was an ex-boyfriend she had dated for around four years. Despite being broken up for around 18 months, the pair had remained friendly and he had been helping her recover from a recent illness. She also alleged that he had been violent with her in the past and had abused drugs and alcohol.

The victim told investigators he had driven her back to her apartment the night of March 24 and had accompanied her upstairs. The pair got into multiple verbal altercations, after which, he allegedly locked her in a bedroom and threatened to stab her to death with a steak knife.

The following morning, the victim tried to escape from the apartment but was caught by the suspect on the porch, where he allegedly slashed her and stabbed her with the broken beer bottle, as she screamed for help.

A neighbor her her cries and called the police. First responders found her on the porch, bleeding profusely. Police found the suspect upstairs in the apartment, where he was arrested without incident.

A twist in the case came when law enforcement attempted to confirm the identity of the suspect. He told them his name was Luis Hernandez, age 36. This was, apparently, the same name the victim knew him as. However, police quickly learned that a State ID card and a MassHealth card the suspect had belonged to a different man, who presently lives in Puerto Rico.

The suspect has declined to give any other identification or name and is now being referred to as "Joe Doe" in court filings.

"Doe" was arraigned Tuesday in Lowell District Court on 11 charges, including:
  • armed assault with the intent to murder
  • assault with a dangerous weapon
  • mayhem
  • assault and battery with a dangerous weapon
  • assault and battery on a household member
  • kidnapping
  • possessing a false Registry of Motor Vehicles signature
  • identity fraud
  • possessing false identification information
  • two counts of witness intimidation. 
On Friday, he returned to court for a dangerousness hearing. Judge Daniel Crane determined he was, in fact, a danger and ordered him held without bail until his next court date on April 24.

According to prosecutors, "Doe" has a lengthy criminal record, including breaking and entering and several probation violations. It was not clear why his alleged identity theft had not been discovered previously.
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