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Letter: Tewksbury Teachers Association Asks Voters To Support New School

Apr 04, 2019 11:46PM
Dear Tewksbury Community:

We are sure that everyone will agree that education matters. The magic that takes place when a child learns about the world around them is something that can inspire a community. That’s why we hope Tewksbury residents are inspired by the prospects of a new elementary school.
Not only will it modernize the buildings in which students receive their education, it will modernize the way students learn. This is why the Tewksbury Teachers Association absolutely supports the construction of a new elementary school in Tewksbury. The potential that it would bring surely outweighs its initial cost. 
The elementary schools we have today were perfect for the time period in which they were built.
However, times have changed. Schools are not what they used to be, and they need to change accordingly. A new school would offer the students of Tewksbury a place where 21st century learning can truly take root. Educational spaces dedicated to technology would inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Art and band rooms could lead to programs that offer students, who struggle in more traditional settings, the chance to find success. Modern classrooms will give teachers the resources they need to reach all of their students in an inspiring way. The possibilities are limitless and priceless. 
That is why the Tewksbury Teachers Association is asking for your support in the construction of this new elementary school. We ask you to vote in favor of a building that will bring students a 21st century education that they deserve. 

Tewksbury Teachers Association 

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