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Letter: New Selectman Thanks Voters, Supporters

Apr 12, 2019 05:47AM

To Tewksbury - Thank You!!!!

Warning - outrageously long post. I want to take a moment, after this crazy week and the intensity of the campaign, to thank the community and a number of individuals for their support, faith, encouragement, and vote on Saturday. I've wanted to serve as a Selectman for a few years and I'm humbled and honored to be entrusted with this job. I also want to recognize the legacy of leadership and expertise of Todd Johnson, who has worked so hard on behalf of Tewksbury and will be missed as part of this board.

First, I must thank my children Luke and Elizabeth who didn't lock me out of the house when I talked to them about this plan - and for supporting me through thick and thin. And to my love, Peter Kimpton, for being there in the big moments and the quiet moments (and keeping me upright when I had the flu).

Next, the team of people that haven't seen their own families and friends in the last few months - Lorna GareyDonna HigginsMichael HigginsBridget GarabedianMike GarabedianMary-Ann O'Brien NicholsMaryann Fezzuoglio-FrisellaHanson W BechatMark KratmanKeith and Tania DeCastro Sullivan, Rita O'Brien Dee, Ron Hall, Sherry and Allen HubbardBrent ConwayDenise Lander DiMareSandra CampoJoan Unger Harmonand Jim Harmon. Your support, encouragement, advice, care, and the work that you all put in made a huge difference in this tremendously close race.

For everyone that made a donation, held a sign, placed a sign in their yard, businesses that went above and beyond (including Dawn Tumenas CallahanNina LinTom BowleySuzan MecherkanySusan Amato, and Joseph Aubut Jr), sent dear friend cards, called a friend or neighbor, wrote a letter, signed nomination papers, and met for coffee (or soup!), and VOTED - know that EVERY VOTE COUNTED in this race and I am so grateful for your gifts of time, your good words, and your trust in me to work hard for this community we love.

This race was about the issues and I thank Anne Marie and Todd for a positive, engaged campaign. Congratulations to all the candidates in every office that worked hard and won a seat to serve this community. Running for office is a humbling experience, and tremendously empowering as well, but it isn't easy. Everyone that puts their name on a ballot and puts themselves out there to catch the slings and arrows in the name of service has my deep respect.

Many have reached out to me with kind words and I am grateful. We have a lot to do together, and I'm looking forward to working with a new team to do great things on behalf of this town and all that live here.

With gratitude, 
Jayne Wellman-Miller

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