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Letter: Thank you To Todd Johnson

Apr 13, 2019 05:48AM

 To the Editor:

With the election this past weekend, long time selectman Todd Johnson lost his re-election bid for another term on the Board. Independent of any discussion of the politics around this race, I wanted to just take a moment to thank Todd for his tireless service to our community.  So few people step up for leadership roles, and even fewer will subjugate their family and other responsibilities for their town the way Todd has done over these many years.  I had the privilege of working with Todd for three short years and I saw first-hand his commitment to doing things the right way.  He was never flashy, never looking for a headline, just simply getting things done.  He helped our community through some very difficult financial times, and his work with his many colleagues and our excellent Town Manager has allowed Tewksbury to steadily improve our fiscal condition to the point where we have the highest bond rating ever, and are poised to continue with further improvements.

I could go on for quite a while about his accomplishments while on the Board, but instead I will simply say thank you to him for his dedicated service.  For a very long time, Todd has been a steady influence on our Board of Selectmen. He has taken the criticisms, the late night and early morning phone calls. He has let dinners get cold because he was taking an angry call from a resident. He has put aside time with his family to attend innumerable Board meetings, Town Meetings, committee meetings, and all of the other behind the scenes work that is required for our public servants.

So when you see Todd around town, say Thank You. He has certainly earned it.

Bruce Panilaitis

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