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Tewksbury Historical Society Board of Directors Announces Executive Committee Appointments

The Tewksbury Historical Society

The Tewksbury Historical Society Board of Directors announces Executive Committee appointments:  Douglas Sears, Esq, President; Nancy Reed, Vice President and Treasurer; Linda Voutour as Assistant Treasurer; and, Bill Wyatt, Secretary.  David Marcus, former Treasurer, has resigned from the Board.

Tewksbury residents, Patricia Stratis and Linda Voutour, have joined the Board. Both women also serve on the Tewksbury Historical Commission. Patricia Stratis serves on the town’s Cultural Council. Linda Voutour serves on the Tewksbury Local Historic District Study Committee.  Both have a history of commitment to the betterment of our town and the philosophies of the Society.  

During the year ahead, we seek new members who are curious about Tewksbury’s history.  Board members want to be personally supportive to those of this town who seek to learn more about their ancestries and who may also inform the Society about things that happened in the past that are of historic relevance about our town.  Please contact Doug Sears directly if you have an interest: (978) 376-7390.

We are moving ahead with the digitization of our collections. We hope to bring the public easy access to our archives. Archivist, Andy Grilz, is organizing our collections so that in the Fall interns from Harvard University will refine the archiving process. We encourage townspeople who are downsizing to offer to the Society writings, and other smaller items, they find that help us tell the history of the town.

In the Fall, the Board shall recognize Rita O’Brien-Dee and Tony Coviello with the Samuel Hunt Award for their service and dedication to the endeavors of the Society. Doug Sears will present the Boston Post Cane to the oldest citizen who is a registered voter in Tewksbury, a tradition that began in 1909. Director, Brian Cortez shall bring to life Tewksbury’s Dr. Kittredge, a Revolutionary War physician with a reenactment style presentation.

In April, Brian shall assemble reenactors to gather in the Town Center to march the Revolutionary War Line of March marked with granite posts funded by donations to the Society. This reenactment is a spectacular visual experience for children and adults. Viewing Tewksbury Militia’s march to Concord on April 19, 1775 is a fitting reminder of our part in this important historic moment in our country.

The Tewksbury Historical Society is an IRC  501 (c) (3), not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1993.  Board members serve as volunteers.  All Donations and Membership dues go toward maintaining the Society’s collections, archive materials, storage costs, postage and stationery. If you want to become a member, donate or merely to learn  more about the Tewksbury Historical Society, please see the contacts listed below. We are always looking to expand our membership to make all of these initiatives, and more, a reality:  

Tewksbury Historical Society, P.O. Box 522
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Or please contact:  President Doug Sears, 

For more information, please visit the Society website:  or our Facebook page:

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