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State Delegation Helps Tewksbury Take Official Possession Of Livingston Street

Jul 12, 2019 03:57PM

Families filled the area near the Livingston Street Pavilion to hear Johnny the K.

Boston, MA - August 2nd, 1967 was the beginning of a long story between Tewksbury, the State, and a piece of land bounded by Livingston Street and forever deeded for recreational purposes. Now, 53 years later, the parks, fields, and trails known as Saunders Field are officially part of the town of Tewksbury thanks to the work of the state delegation and town.

"As a child I played, or tried to play, baseball on those fields. I watched the 4th of July there, rode my bike from the Middle School to the recreational department, and even attended the haunted house" said Representative Robertson upon the transfer of the deed to the town. "The entire time I had no idea that it was not officially town land until I was older, which left me perplexed. Because of this it was a special honor to work with Senators Finegold and Nguyen on getting this issue wrapped up and securing Livingston permanently for the town."

Receiving the news, Senator Finegold stated, "Transferring the Livingston Street Fields back to the Town of Tewksbury was one of my top priorities upon coming into office in January. Working together with Representatives Nguyen and Robertson, we were able to resolve a decades-old issue in a matter of months. These 35 acres are invaluable to the community, and I'm thrilled that they will now be officially owned and controlled by the town."

"I am very proud to work on behalf of the residents of Tewksbury with my colleagues," said Representative Nguyen. "I am especially delighted that we were able to work together to get the deed transferred and make certain that the Livingston Street Fields that the residents of Tewksbury have long enjoyed now officially belong to the town."

The Saunders Recreational Fields, often known to locals as the Livingston Street Fields are the crowning jewel of the Tewksbury park system. Encompassing 35 acres, the land is host to tennis courts, lacrosse fields, football fields, the majority of baseball fields, and more. Recently, the town and state have made major investments into the center, including the opening of a water park and fitness court, with state budget funding allocated to the improvement and upgrade of parking amenities for those using the unimproved lots. The fields are also utilized for large-scale community events, such as the 4th of July, and are the most frequented recreational area for the town.

"This is great for the town" said Selectman Jay Kelley. "We have great programs and opportunities, and this helps secure a future for our town. I look forward to seeing many more generations of kids growing up and playing there."
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