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Meet Our Adoptable Pet of the Week: Maisy!

Jul 20, 2019 06:45AM

Maisy needs a forever home. (Lowell Humane Society photo)

Maisy needs a forever home. (Lowell Humane Society photo)

 Maisy is a sweet 5 year old girl looking for a new family.
She was abandoned, so we don't really know about her history, but our volunteers have spent tons of time with her and have found she's quite the sweet and playful gal!
Maisy is a good listener who loves car rides, she'll happily stick her nose out the window to pick up all the sniffs she can.
She is also a world class snuggler, but you have to earn it. Maisy is polite with new people, but you have to put in time with her before she decides you're "in", but once she does, you've got it made! She becomes a world class snuggler and will give you the "lean" to let you know that you're her people.
Maisy is a bit nosey and likes to know what's going on, so she'll follow you around as you do chores. She enjoys a good walk, but should stay on leash since she LOVES to chase little critters (she'll do best as the only pet).
Maisy could potentially do well in a home with teens and older. Maisy really likes female company and is a little wary at first with men but warms up pretty quickly. Her favorite treats are Cape Cod Chips, sardines and cheese, she takes her treats ever so delicately from your hand and is not a messy eater, which is good, because she is full of kisses (maybe hold off on the sardines- for your sake!).
Maisy is a smart gal who loves to play with stuffed toys and really enjoys learning new things. She is picking up "Give Paw" already and may do well in a training class such as nosework or tracking.
Think she's a match for you? Stop by Lowell Humane Society to take her for a walk. Can't adopt? Consider making a donation to help Maisy and other homeless pets like her while they await their fur-ever homes!

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