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Silvertones Preparing To Begin 2019-20 Concert Season

2018 Silvertones: Front: Lynn Badrick, Ken Gross, John Dearden, Director MaryBeth Foley, Paul Just, Roland Jacobson, Jim Sutton Rear: Jim Harmon, George Kondos, Adam Reitz, Sue Current, Angie Ortolano, April Cummings, vocalist B.B. Braxten, manager Barbara Flanagan, Sheldon Chandler, Jack Foley, John Hurley, Mike Petrishen, Jim DiVito. Absent, Don Heathcock.

The SilverTones Big Band begins its Fall Season on Fri.9/20 at the Tewksbury Senior Center at 7 pm with its 206th performance since its inception in 2001.
It will be led for the last time by MaryBeth Foley-Cummings , it’s third Director, who is leaving for increased family responsibilities.
A new director has been chosen from the brass section and will be introduced on Friday, along with the news of other recent changes. Come hear the music, say good-bye to MaryBeth, welcome the new director and new manager, Cathy MacPerson, daughter of the Band’s founder, who will be replacing retiring Barbara Flanagan.
The event , for a $10 admission fee, will begin it’s fall season with the return of BBBRAXTEN, our talented vocalist and include familiar and newer listening and dancing tunes, coffee and cake served at the 9 pm (second) break, ballroom and line dance numbers of all genres, a 50/50 raffle, and door prize of 2 free admissions to any future SilverTones performances.
Bring along you favorite snacks, munchies and beverages. Free ice is available, next to a $1 soda machine . Come join the fun in the beautiful Center @ 175 Chandler St. with the largest dance floor in the area, fully handicapped accessibility,and lighted parking lot less than 3 miles from either Rt. 495 (Rt. 38), or Rt. 93 (Dascomb Rd.). Doors open @ 6:30 pm.
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