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Moulton Blasts Trump’s Syria Decision, Turkish Attack on US Allies

Seth Moulton

BOSTON — Today, Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) wrote a guest column for Boston NPR station WBUR’s Cognoscenti condemning President Trump’s decision to abandon America’s Kurdish allies in Syria and outlining the consequences of the president’s decision.

Key quotes:

“ ‘We’ve got your back.’ These are words every American veteran knows. We say that to each other, and we say it to our allies. President Trump only says it to our enemies.”

“…And make no mistake: ISIS will be celebrating. The only thing stopping ISIS right now is the Kurds in Northern Syria, supported by the American troops Trump just told to retreat.

“Ask any American veteran of the Middle East who has worked with the Kurds and he or she will tell you they’re our most trusted ally. After years of brutal fighting, they now hold an estimated 11,000 ISIS fighters in prison — prisons that will be overrun by the Turkish troops Trump backs.

“Escaped ISIS fighters will combine with the new generation of fighters ISIS operatives are recruiting in the refugee camps in Northeast Syria to undo the years of progress we’ve made against this international terrorist group.

“The result: It puts American troops in greater danger. It puts America and our allies in greater danger.”

“Republicans in the House and Senate, and Americans across the country who care about the value of America’s word, need to hold the president accountable. To the American patriots who support the president, I would pose this question: For how long are you willing to watch him erode our values, cozy up to dictators and sell out our allies — and still tell him, “Mr. President, ‘We’ve got your back.’ ”

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