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Meet Our Adoptable Pets Of The Week: Scarlett!

What a story!
This gorgeous girl, Scarlett, arrived at our door ready to burst- she was VERY pregnant! Just days after joining the Lowell Humane Society family, she gave birth to six chunky little cherubs.
Well it's now 9 weeks later, all the puppies are off to new homes and MOMMA Scarlett deserves a home of her own! She is 5 years old and just the nicest little girl we have ever met. She loves to snuggle and will curl right up on your lap for love.
She had intense flea dermatitis when she came in and with six enormous puppies nursing from her, her skin had trouble healing. Now that they are no longer nursing, her skin is already starting to improve.
She is dog friendly and wouldn't mind a canine pal or two. She's never lived with a cat, but the few she has met at the shelter have not fazed her one bit.
 If you would like to spend some time with this lovely lady and possibly be the big spoon to her little spoon- stop into the 
Lowell Humane Society today!


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