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Can you afford not to pick up after your dog?

Can you afford not to pick up after your dog?

Please Note:  Dogs are not allowed on public fields.  Dog waste is increasing on them to a point that Animal Control and the Tewksbury Police will be monitoring.

6.04.110  Public nuisances

Every owner or keeper of a dog shall exercise proper care and control of his/her dog so as to prevent said dogs from becoming a public nuisance. It shall be deemed a public nuisance if any dog should trespass upon private or public property and deposit feces thereon, unless immediately removed by the owner or keeper of said dog.  The Animal Control Officer shall have the power to enforce a regulation to eliminate what he/she may deem to be a nuisance. Penalty for the violation of this section shall be:

1st Offense: $50.00

2nd Offense: $100.00

3rd Offense: $300.00

Each Subsequent Offense: $500.00

As a Girl Scout Silver Award Project, Girls Scout Troop 60380 donated a dog waste station and educational flyers.  The station is located across from the Lacrosse Fields on Livingston Street.  

Pet waste contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites such as salmonella, E.coli and roundworms.  When pet waste is left on the fields and around Town, rain water washes over the dog waste, picking up the bacteria, viruses and parasites and sending it down into the storm drain.  This contaminated water from storm drains do not go to treatment plants but runs directly into nearby rivers, streams and lakes.  This has a detrimental effect to the health of local wildlife and to the people who swim and fish in the water.

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