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LETTER: TCP Expresses Gratitude

Tewksbury Community Pantry

Dear Tewksbury Community: 

These are uncertain times.  The Coronavirus pandemic has markedly changed all of our lives and disrupted our regular routines in a big way.  Social isolation has forced us to avoid interaction with many.  However, that isolation has apparently not caused people in Tewksbury to lose sight of the greater good.  

History has shown repeatedly that in times of great difficulty, there are often people who rise to the occasion.  This pandemic is proving to be no different. The news nationally and locally has reported multiple stories of people going out of their way to assist others in unique and heartfelt ways.  Tewksbury is no different.  The Tewksbury Community Pantry has been the beneficiary of many examples of that generosity and concern over the last few weeks.  Our community has demonstrated its certain and firm commitment to those less fortunate among us through multiple group and individual efforts to raise food or monetary donations directed to the community pantry.  There are too many examples to cite here, and we do not want to exclude anyone, so please know that we are extremely grateful for all the support that has been provided to us.   

We also are keenly aware that many food banks throughout the region are experiencing increased demand from the economic fallout of this pandemic.  Be assured that we are committed to providing needed support to all Tewksbury residents in need and want to thank the entire community for its partnership in helping us achieve that goal.  Despite all the uncertainty surrounding us, we remain certain that Tewksbury will once again help us to meet this obligation. 

Stay safe and healthy, 

The Board of Directors

Tewksbury Community Pantry, Inc.

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