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Town of Tewksbury Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendments

Tewksbury Town Hall


The subject matter of the proposed amendments is indicated below. The complete text relative to the proposed amendments, related map and full legal notice are available for inspection on the Town’s website:

To recodify, and therefore amend, the Zoning By-Law to make the By-Law easier for users to navigate, simplify and update its language, and provide a better structure for predictability and flexibility in both the interests of current use and future adaptability, by:
  1. Re-organizing, re-positioning, re-captioning, and re-numbering portions of the Zoning By-Law to enhance accessibility and adaptability;
  2. updating and clarifying the purpose and authority of the Zoning By-Law to clearly state the Town's legal and factual premises for zoning regulations;
  3. improving definitions to more clearly describe zoning districts, uses, and requirements;
  4. providing consistency with present State law;
  5. eliminating redundant or unnecessary provisions; making amendments such as correcting spelling and typographical errors, and eliminating or updating outdated statutory references;
  6. revising, re-organizing and clarifying Zoning By-Law administrative provisions;
  7. Reducing number of overlay districts;
  8. Strengthening design guidelines in the Town Center District;
  9. Adding new definitions;
  10. Adding site plan review;
  11. Adding request for reasonable accommodations;
  12. Adding recreational marijuana establishments excluding retail;
  13. Mandating 15% affordable housing in multi-family developments;
  14. Capping multi-family developments to seven units per acre except in the Town Center and Mixed Use Business District; and
  15. Updating the sign section of the By-Law.
and by taking the following actions:
1. Deleting in their entirety the following provisions and all their subparts of the existing Zoning By-Law:
Section 1000.              Purpose and Authority;
Section 2000.              Districts;
Section 3000.              Use Regulations;
Section 4000.              Dimensional Regulations;
Section 5000.              General Regulations;
Section 6000.              Special Regulations;
Section 7000.              Special Residential Regulations;
Section 8000.              Overlay Districts;
Section 9000.              Administration and Procedures;
Section 10000.                        Definitions;
Appendix A.               Table of Use Regulations;
Appendix B.                Table of Dimensional Requirements
Appendix C.                Table of Parking Requirements.       
2. Substituting the following provisions and their subparts in the zoning article submitted by the Zoning By-Law Committee on file in the office of the Town Clerk and the Department of Planning and Community Development:
Section 1          Purpose and Authority;
Section 2          Definitions;
Section 3          Administration and Enforcement;
Section 4          Establishment of Districts;
Section 5          District Regulations;
Section 6          Site Development Standards;
Section 7          Special Use Regulations;
Section 8          Other Development Regulations;
Appendix A      Table of Uses.
3. And by taking any action related thereto.
To see if the Town will vote to amend the Tewksbury Zoning Map dated January 2020 by replacing it with the Town of Tewksbury Draft Proposed Zoning Map dated 2020.
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