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More Than 170 Massachusetts School Committees Pass Resolutions Calling for Full State Reimbursement of All COVID-19 Expenses

Putting the responsibility squarely on the state to ensure that each school district is able to pay for additional COVID-19 expenses, 173 School Committees to-date have passed a resolution at their individual open meetings calling for the state to “guarantee every school district full reimbursement for whatever COVID-19 expenses are required to follow state mandates.”

On June 5th , the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) advised that "It is each school district’s responsibility to acquire the supplies needed to safely and responsibly reopen their school buildings." On June 25th , DESE then released “Initial Fall Reopening Guidance” calling for the return of “as many students as possible to in-person school settings,” citing a number of grants that can be applied to and portions of funds that may be available to pay for the reopening.

In response, a broad range of school districts across all areas of the state have passed resolutions calling for full reimbursement for whatever COVID-19 expenses are required to follow state mandates. Additional School Committees are taking up the resolution in the coming weeks. Copies of the resolution with the current list of all supporting Committees have been sent to Governor Charlie Baker, Education Secretary James Peyser, Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley, Senate President Karen Spilka, House Speaker Robert, DeLeo and Joint Education Committee Co-Chairs Jason Lewis Alice Peisch. 
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