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Local Covid-19 Numbers Vaccine Information From Tewksbury Department of Public Health

From the Tewksbury Department of Public Health

Tewksbury COVID-19 Case Numbers:

Total cases in Tewksbury since pandemic onset:  2,985

Deaths: In Tewksbury since pandemic onset:  107
(Increase of 0 from the previous week)

Current Active cases in Tewksbury:  98
(decrease of 12 cases from previous week)


Lowell General has opened up their Mass Vaccination Clinic to Tewksbury Residents.  Please see the details below.

Click here to schedule an appointment to receive your vaccination using our online scheduling tool. A reminder that appointments are set up by vaccinator in the tool (each of our  vaccinators has specific appointment slots);  continue scrolling down the page to see more available appointments.

When you or the resident are scheduling the appointment, it will ask “Are you currently employed as a health care provider?”  Please answer “NO” to this question.  Then, where it asks for the employer name/health care facility, please enter “Town of Tewksbury – Senior Center”.

You will also need to make sure that you or the resident confirms the appointment within the hour of scheduling it via phone or email.  The vaccine clinic is now located at the Cross River Center – 1001 Pawtucket Blvd East, Lowell.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to distribute COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with its Three Phase distribution plan that started in December 2020 and will continue through June 2021.  Each phase has different tiers within it.  The plan is based upon guidance from the CDC and the MA COVID-19 Advisory Group.  The Governor announced Phase Two of the Commonwealth’s distribution plan has started and individuals 75 years or older will now be the first priority group in Phase Two, and individuals 65 years and older have been moved into the second priority group, in addition to individuals with two comorbidities. Starting on February 1 individuals age 75 or older can be vaccinated. Vaccination sites can be found on the Commonwealth’s Inter-Active Map of Vaccine sites:

The state has designed this plan to address populations that are at the most risk of complications such as COVID-19.  While we understand there are many people with questions and who want to be vaccinated, the Town must follow the State’s vaccination plan. The Town does not have a supply of the vaccine but for the past several weeks has requested vaccine from the State but has not received any doses.  Once we receive a distribution elgible residents will access the COVID-19 Vaccine according to the state’s phased distribution plan.   

For the most up to date information please continue to monitor the Town of Tewksbury’s Website and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website (links below).   You can also sign up for COVID-19 and vaccine alerts through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website at and you can sign up for Town of Tewksbury Town Alerts at

Link to Town Website COVID Information:   

Link to State Website for Vaccine information:  

Link to State Website for Vaccine Distribution Plan Phases:

Link to State Website for Vaccine Distribution Plan Phases Chart:

Link to Inter-Active Map of Vaccine sites:

ue to limited vaccine supply, staff resources, and overwhelming demand, we are not collecting contact information or registering people by phone.

If you do not have on-line access, please reach out to family and friends for assistance. Ways to get assistance scheduling an appointment at a state mass vaccination site will be shared by the state as they become available.

Please visit the state’s vaccination page at:

We ask for patience at this time and request that residents DO NOT CALL the Board of Health or any other Town department regarding vaccines.

2/10/21 Caregiver/Companion COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

2/5/2021 Click Here for up-to-date information for COVID-19 vaccinations for people ages 75 and older

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