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DNA Evidence Helps Crack 2017 House Break Case

Sponsored Content Suspect had also been arrested for three home burglaries in 2011.

Two Alleged Heroin Traffickers Off The Street, Thanks To TPD

Sponsored Content Around 20 grams of heroin seized in bust.

Tewksbury Police Catch Duo In The Middle Of Drug Deal

Sponsored Content Arrests took place near Cracker Barrel restaurant

Tewksbury Police Arrest Two On Cocaine Charges

Sponsored Content Detectives witnessed drug deal at Wal-Mart parking lot.

Tewksbury Police Arrest Allege Cocaine Trafficker

Sponsored Content Arrest is made after traffic stop.

Billerica Man Arrested For Breaking Into Tewksbury Home

Suspect arraigned on multiple charges.

Dog Killed, Home Destroyed, 2 Arrested, As Result Of 3-Alarm Fire

Homeowners arrested Monday.

Tewksbury Police Nab Two For Dealing Cocaine

Suspects were arrested at the Holiday Inn.

No Bail For Texas Couple Arrested With Massive Arsenal Of Weapons And Ammunition In Tewksbury

Rocket launcher included among the weapons seized in arrest. Suspect claims to be on a secret government mission.

UPDATED: Texas Couple Arrested With Arsenal Of Weapons

Pair is arrested after one of the suspects invites Police to his hotel room. Couple is held without bail.