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Obituary: Leo T. Bernardi Jr., 83

Tewksbury D.P.W., Veteran, Tewksbury P.A.C.

Obituary: Thomas M. Walsh Sr., 82

Served his country in the Army reserves for over 17 years with the Yankee Division, First Battalion Artillery.

Are You an Armor-Bearer?

Do you do the heavy lifting when people in your life need an armor-bearer to share the load? Do you sometimes find yourself in need of one?

Obituary: Stephen Gerakines, 82

Great-Grandfather. Air Force Veteran of the Korean War.

Obituary: Paul P. Chartier, 54

Master carpenter

Obituary: Ronald W. Outridge Sr., 71

U.S. Navy Veteran

Obituary: James J. Hapshe, 68

Sunrise Assisted Living Food Service Director.

Obituary: James David Mackey, 66

Formerly of Tewksbury, Purple Heart veteran; 66.

Obituary: William "Bill" Ewen, 87

Navy Veteran, Sales Manager, 87.

Obituary: Charles W. Bowser Jr, 82

Retired from Raytheon, formerly of Tewksbury