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Tastefully Simple

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I am looking to solve the "what's for dinner" dilemma that occurs in many households!

We have a lot of great stuff going on at Tastefully Simple! The current catalog has some amazing products! Fall/Winter items are on sale as well!

I am always looking to share Tastefully Simple with others so if you like food and would like to host your own party let me know (I supply most of the food and you do a little prep and earn free products in return!). I can also do Facebook and catalog parties, fundraisers, and Freezer Meal workshops! I closed a party last night and the hostess earned $175 in free products!

Please check out my website to see what we are all about and order products. Please "like" my business page to see specials, tips, and recipes.


I love quick, easy but healthy meals. Tastefully Simple has that and more!! My husband and kids love their food as well which makes it that much easier. Jessica is great to work with. She makes the parties so much fun. My friends and I always look forward to my Tastefully Simple parties. It's a great girls night out of food, drinks and lots of laughs.

March 17, 2016